Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bieber Goes Global.

You may not know this already but Justin Bieber has a film out, (Points gun towards head).
This is obviously aimed towards little screaming 6 year old girls who faint at the sight of him.
But to someone like me and you, this is just another attempt to patronise us and try and decrease the worlds population by making us commit suicide. To those of you who have nothing else to do except watch this fail attempt of a movie heres who stars in it; Miley Cyrus, Usher Raymond, Ludacris, Boys II Men, Jaden Smith etc. 
Voice Your Opinions on what you think of his new upcoming film. 


  1. haha I didn't know this film was coming up.

  2. LOL, ive followed you, follow me :D

  3. I'm gonna watch this. Hes a pretty good actor.

    edit: omfg, turn off captcha....

  4. oh god this looks terrible but i bet they make a butt load of money so fair play to em

    Following and supporting!

  5. xD are u serious!?!?! i bet itll be all girls at the theater or dads that have to go with their daughters